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WAIT WHOA WHAT THE HECK. I've seen this before but it wasn't in my favorites. That's weird. This is so funny and original, you should make a whole bunch of these! :D


My sister likes the nom nom song. I'm gonna show this to her, and maybe she'll stop playing the nom nom song. MROMROMROMROMROMROMROM

Electric boogaloo...

...hmmm... None of you happen to know a fellow on DeviantArt named Mr. Cappy? Because if none of you are him, either it's really creepy that you both thought up the same name for the sequel to Avatar, or someone...borrowed ideas... from someone else.

Either way, it was interesting. Really random, but I guess that was the point. Zombie Nazi ducks? lol.

MrScriblam responds:

no idea who that is its just a coincidence also the name is incredibly unoriginal anyway and thats the joke

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Ok at first...

But then it just got way too challenging. This game is supposed to be a story, right? It started off very nice, the first levels were pretty easy and I was just settling in for some nice casual gaming. But the levels just kept getting harder, until it got to the point where I kept dying, and it got frustrating to the point where I couldn't enjoy the story anymore. I really want what happens the the boy and the dinosaur, but couldn't finish the game.

CannedMeat responds:

unfortunately, that's just how video games work.

Just one thing...

What the hell am I supposed to be doing?

Don't get me wrong, I love point-and-click games, but when you just throw the player in a house with almost no plot and no clues to what you're supposed to be looking for, or killing, or whatever, it doesn't go very well. The beginning wasn't very gripping either. I don't mean to hate on this game though, the art is beautiful. It just needs some improvement, is all.

Maybe I'm just impatient today... :/

Very Cool

This is the first point-and-click I've ever seen that's not animated. Very original, I like it. Plus, it had me laughing the whole time! 10 stars. :)

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Pretty Good

I was a little disappointed by the drop, but it's still a really great track :) Love it!

Mmm well

I think my eardrums melted. Yep. They're gone.


Which game is Verdanturf in?

Anyways, in the beginning of the song, the synth is really... buzzy. I don't know how else to describe it, but it really hurts my ears and is giving me a headache. Other than that, it's very nice. :)

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